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Experience swimming with your baby

Here we teach parents and guardians to coach their infants in the water; as a result, the swimming babies develop emotional stability, deeper sleep, and better feeding.

Teaching a newborn to swim is not just a fashionable trend; it is an opportunity to unleash the baby’s potential.

Infants with psychomotor developmental delays benefit the most from the program: the weightless environment restores and normalizes body functions, rhythmical diving accelerates metabolic processes, and the organism goes into “repair mode”.

Swimming and water exercise allows infants to:

“take a break” from gravity and move freely in the 3D environment; learn to swim and have fun in the water; get exercise therapy; become stronger and more resistant to illnesses.

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Start your baby swimming early for lifelong benefits! Deciding when to take your baby swimming for the first time can be a daunting decision for parents but the benefits of starting swimming early are amazing. 

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Parents can enroll their toddlers in swimming lessons to help build water confidence and teach safety.

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